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England Research Efforts

Alan Chandler, a practicing architect and professor who currently leads the Technical and Professional Studies in the Architecture program at the University of East London has explored the use of flexible formworks in some interesting ways. See selected papers below. He along with Remo Pedreschi coauthored a work entitled fabric formwork[1].

University of East London

Selected Papers - Alan Chandler

University of Nottingham

John Chilton is a professor and Chair of Architecture & Tectonics in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at the University Nottingham,UK. He has written extensively on the work of Heinz Isler and Isler's influence on the current interest in fabric-formed concrete. He recently presented a paper on Heinz Isler's work at the 2012 icff Conference held at the University of Bath, UK.

Selected Papers - John Chilton


[1] Chandler, A. and Pedreschi, R. (eds), (2007), “fabric formwork”, RIBA Publishing, 15 Bonhill Street, London, UK, ISBN 978 1 85946 284 3.

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